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CPSC 1105 Technological Solutions Fall 2006 CRN CCT 122 Instructor(s): Office: CCT453 Office phone: (706) 568- Department phone: (706) 568-2410 Department FAX: (706) 565-3529 Office Hours:; via e-mail, net-meetings and by appointment e-mail address: @colstate.edu homepage: http://csc.colstate.edu / / Computer Science 1105 - Technological Solutions: A problems solving course using the newest technologies to develop an understanding of and skills in spreadsheet and data analysis, Web applications, word processing (intermediate level) and presentation software (advanced level). One component of this course is learning how to locate, evaluate and use information including Internet sources. Emphasis will be placed on using technology to solve practical problems. University Requirement: This course satisfies the University requirement regarding computer literacy. Student Learning Objectives : 1. Students successfully completing this course will gain knowledge of Technological Solutions and the Microsoft Office 2003 programs. 2. Students will reinforce their knowledge of how to use Windows, Word, and Power Point. 3. Students will learn how to use Excel, Access, and Front Page. 4. Students will be able to use these programs at a beginning and intermediate level to solve problems. 5. Students will be able to locate, evaluate and use information using multiple sources including the Internet. 6. Students will develop critical thinking and technical skills through study of texts and exams. Required Materials : Shelly, Cashman, Vermatt, Excel 03 Intro Course Card Ed , Course Technology, ISBN 141884358X. (Study the "Preface" in your book so you will learn the approach of the authors, Shelly and Cashman. Instead of chapters, the authors present "projects" for you to complete) Shelly, Cashman, Vermatt, Access 03 Intro Course Card Ed , Course Technology, ISBN 141884361X. Evans, Illustrated FrontPage 2003 Course Card Ed. Introductory , Course Technology, ISBN 1423904907. Front Page 2003 30 day trial s.ware , ISBN 0619255226
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SAM 2003 Student Assessment and Tutorial/CD - 3.0, ISBN 619172347 SAM 03 Training V3.0-Offline T CD ISBN 061917173 Access Code-Pilot SAM 03 Prograder , ISBN 1423912500 A computer with internet access WebCT Vista account CougarNet Email account A) You MAY ORDER your SAM 2003 Assessment and Tutorial/CD online from the publisher, Course Technology * *This online transaction requires a credit card. B) Purchase the item as part of the bundled package from the bookstore (be sure to double check the ISBN so you will order the correct item) Important: you will be dropped from this class if you are not listed on our SAM roster by the end of the second week of the semester (Read the information at the bottom of this page regarding "joining" a SAM section ) Communication: o WebCT Vista is the course management tool used in this course o Check the "discussion area" at least every other day so you will not miss
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CPSC1105-syllabus-Fall06 - CPSC 1105 Technological...

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