Arrays and Strings - Base Address of an Array Functions...

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Arrays and Strings Arrays dataType arrayName[intExp]; int nbr[5]; Accessing Array Components arrayName[indexExp] int list[10]; list[5] = 34; i = 3; list[i] = -15; const int arraySize = 10; int list[arraySize]; Processing One-Dimensional Arrays for (i = 0; i < arraySize; i++) process list[i]; initialize, input, output, find largest, find smallest, find sum & average, find element (search) sort Array Index Out of Bounds Array Initialization During Declaration double sales[] = {12.25, 32.50, 23.65, 26, -45.67}; Partial Initialization of Arrays During Declaration int list[10] = {0}; int list[10] = {1,2,3}; int list[ ] = {1,2,3};
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Some Restrictions on Array Processing Aggregate operations array1 = array2; // illegal cin >> array1; cout << array2; if (array1 < array2) Arrays as Parameters to Functions By reference void initialize (int list[], int size); Constant Arrays as Formal Parameters Void example (int x[ ], const int y[ ]);
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Unformatted text preview: Base Address of an Array Functions Cannot Return a Value of the Type Array Integral Data Types and Array Indices enum paintType {Green, Red, Blue, Brown, White, Orange, Yellow}; double paintSale[7]; paintType paint; for (paint = Green; paint <= Yellow; paint = static_cast<paintType>(paint+1)) paintSale[paint] = 0.0; Other Ways to Declare Arrays const int size = 50; typedef double list[size]; list a; list myList; C-Strings (Character Arrays Terminated with null character (‘\0’) char studentName[26]; studentName = “Wayne Summers”; //illegal include <cstring> strcpy(s1, s2); strcmp(s1, s2); strlen(s) String Input cin >> name; //illegal cin.get(str, size+1); String Output cout << name; Specifying Input/Output Files at Execution Time The String Type and Input/Output Files strVar.c_str() used to convert String Type to c-string Parallel Arrays...
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Arrays and Strings - Base Address of an Array Functions...

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