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Assignment 3 - Tuition and Fees Invoice (part 2) (Due before class on September 26, 2002) The following assignment is intended to enhance your understanding of the basics of C++ programming and to introduce you to the use of conditional programming. Be sure to review C++ Language Guidelines before you start on this assignment. [E-mail the .cpp file to [email protected] by 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002. Your program must be in a file named prog3.cpp and the subject of the e-mail must be prog3] YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN WORK!!! Your task is to write a program that prints an invoice for a student attending Columbus State University ( Students pay a per credit fee of $84.00 per credit hour for in state tuition up to 12 credits and a flat rate of $1005.00 for 12 or more hours. Out of state tuition is $335.00 per credit hour up to 12 credit hours and a flat rate of $4020.00 for 12 or more hours. And fixed fees as follows: Activity Fees - $28.00 (1-5 hours); $48.00 (6 or more hours)
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