Introduction - Introduction to Java Programming Lab...

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Introduction to Java Programming Lab Exercises Topics Lab Exercises Printing strings Prelab Exercises Poem Syntax errors Recognizing Syntax Errors Correcting Syntax Errors Introduction 1
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Prelab Exercises Your task is to write a Java program that will print out the following message (including the row of equal marks): Computer Science, Yes!!!! ========================= An outline of the program is below. Complete it as follows: a. In the documentation at the top, fill in the name of the author, date written, name of the file the program would be saved in and a brief description of what the program does. b. Add the code for the main method to do the printing. // ******************************************************************* // AUTHOR: // DATE: // File Name: // // Purpose: // ******************************************************************* public class CSYes { // ------------------------------------------------- // The following main method prints an exciting // message about computer science // ------------------------------------------------- } Poem Write a Java program that prints the message, "Roses are red". Your program will be a class definition containing a main Method — see the Lincoln example in Listing 1.1 of the text if you need guidance. Remember the following: o The name of the class must match the name of the file (but without the .java extension). o The main method must be inside the class definition (between the first { and the last }). o
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Introduction - Introduction to Java Programming Lab...

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