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lecture notes Oct 9-11 - Show flow chart(Figure 5.6 Explain...

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CPSC 1301 – Computer Science 1 lecture October 9 – o Review Midterm Exam o Answer student questions about Midterm, etc. o Introduce Chapter 5 – Conditionals and Loops o 5.1 Boolean Expressions Define flow of control Define conditional statement (selection statement) : IF, IF-ELSE, SWITCH Define Boolean expression (evaluates to true/false) Give example of Boolean expressions and example of if statement Define equality operators (==, !=) Give examples Define relational operators ( <, >, <=, >=) Give examples Define logical operators (!, &&, ||) Use truth tables to explain logical operators Give examples o 5.2 The if Statement Give example of if statement
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Unformatted text preview: Show flow chart (Figure 5.6) Explain if-else statement Give examples Review program 5.2 Review 5.3, 5.4 Explain Block statement Give examples Review 5.5 Discuss Conditional Operator (don’t spend much time on this) Explain Nested if Statement Give examples Review 5.6 October 11 – o Review answers to questions from Monday o Continue Chapter 5 – Conditionals and Loops o 5.3 Comparing Data o Discuss Comparing Floats o Discuss Comparing Characters o Discuss Comparing Objects o 5.4 Switch Statement o Explain Switch statement o Explain break statement o Examples o Review 5.7...
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