English - Lecture 17 and 18

English - Lecture 17 and 18 - Marvell Was involved, like...

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Was involved, like Milton, in the government and the overthrow of the Loyalists and Charles I. To His Coy Mistress Classic example of carpe diem. Characterization by particular themes that writers tend to write on. Urging the speaker’s beloved to size the day and requite the passion of the lover and have sex. Vogue for male poets to write poems in Sappho’s voice. The Garden Located himself as a speaker in a garden who is passionately in love with the plants. Apart from human love and its complications. 17 – no white nor red was never seen more amorous than this lovely green: turn the existing conventions on their head. Promoting green as a colour of love. In the rest of the stanza he refers to the cultural practice of lovers cutting their beloved’s names in trees (As You Like It :3). Christian references: the Passion of Christ: passions of love. When we are exhausted from love’s passions we should retreat into the garden. The cross of the crucifixion was often referred to as the Tree. Christ is an example of someone who ended his race in a tree. Apollo/Pan. Apollo chasing Daphne; to protect herself, the changed herself into a laurel. Pan was chasing Syrinx, she changed herself into a reed. Marvell turns this around: chases are for the sake of the plants. If he falls here it is only on grass: pun on grass, he will only be snared by nature. There is real innocence and quiet here as opposed to what can be encountered among men. Metaphysical poets inspired a lot of modern poetry in the search for a new and modern style that would oppose what the Victorians and the Edwardians had done. Main reference point for a surge during he 20s, into 1930s and 40s. Touchstone of what poets should be like, standing of excellence. Adam alone before Eve arrived: as soon as she did complications arose. He back dates the fall before the apple and situates it with Eve’s arrival. The plants reflect the passing of the seasons, and they are a kind of sundial in themselves; they represent the movements of the sun. The gardener is God. He further enhances this metaphor by suggesting that the garden is a kind of a zodiac. Drawing on the notion that nature is a kind of a book of God that complements the Bible. Further revelation of God beyond the Bible. The speaker is saying that people should be in tune with nature as the bees are.
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English - Lecture 17 and 18 - Marvell Was involved, like...

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