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English - Lecture 19

English - Lecture 19 - Paradise Lost Book II Line 21...

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Paradise Lost – Book II Line 21: vocabulary to disguise other ends 466- after they say that they will invade earth (Satan takes the lead). His throne is not safe, and he has to think a lot about politics and protecting his position. This is not through consent of his followers, but through their fear (his tyranny). Monarch: not a favourable term. Milton participated in the beheading of the king. Satiric hit on Satan and monarchy Demonic debate follows. Various spokesman speak. Mollach counsels war, aggression wrath. Belial counsels non-action, promotes ease, sloth and sensuality not peace. Mammon: avarice and vanity, 251- seek our own good for ourselves (but they have no good within them). Beelzebub: fraud, prise and envy: he counsels invading earth, but he had first been advised by Satan Milton is displaying the sources of earthly evils, and satirising war, tyranny, political manipulation, fraud. Some could be seduced by the heroic semblance of Satan: not heroic, behaviour of a sadistic bully. Sin and Death (743-): Satan’s remark on first meeting Sin: he does not know who they are, finds them detestable. He has himself created them. He is confronting the projection of his own evil, and is disgusted by it. Sin is born from Satan. Incest of Satan and Sin: Death. Travesty of image relations: inversion of the representation of Heaven and God. God creates other creatures through reflections, and the creatures image God. Satan’s image is the horrible Sin, and she expresses what he is like.
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