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exam 1 - GPH 111 Introduction to Physical Geography Spring...

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Please answer the following 40 multiple choice and true/false questions by marking the correct answer on the answer form AND by circling the answer on this question sheet. There is only one correct answer for each question, and each is worth 2.5 points. 1. Geographers are only interested in where physical and human phenomena are located and not the processes that cause them to be there. a. true b. false 2. That portion of the Earth-atmosphere system that includes the surface and near-surface portion of Earth’s mass is the _______. a. gigasphere b. terrasphere c. lithosphere d. biosphere 3. Which of the following is not one of the 5 spatial themes in geography? a. location b. realm c. region d. place 4. Physical geographers tend to believe that the only thing that is not rationally distributed on the surface of Earth is _________. a. humans b. deserts c. ice caps d. volcanoes 5. The specific shape of Earth is termed a ______. a. geode b. geoid c. geome d. geodosphere 6. Any circle that is made by a plane cutting through a sphere but not through the center of the sphere is a _______ circle of which an example is a line of _________. a. small, longitude b. great, longitude c. small, latitude d. great, latitude 7. The prime meridian runs precisely through ________. a. London, England b. Hamburg, Germany c. Greenwich, England d. Bonn, Germany 8. Earth’s atmosphere is primarily composed of which two gases? a. nitrogen and oxygen b. nitrogen and ozone c. water vapor and carbon dioxide d. oxygen and water vapor 9. Ozone is most effective at absorbing ________ radiation. a. longwave b. infrared c. visible d. ultraviolet 10. The measure of the amount of heat energy that is present in a substance is its ________. a. pressure
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exam 1 - GPH 111 Introduction to Physical Geography Spring...

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