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English 111 5/10/09 Miscommunication in shopgirl In Steve Martins shopgirl he introduces a very unique character to the readers. Mirabelle is a woman still in her awkward years as an adult that she had as a teenager. She finds protection in working in a department where she rarely sees people, and yet she has dreams of moving up to different departments which deal with customer service on a daily basis. This shows her character to be someone who dreams of doing something with her life, yet never makes the goal for herself to actually move up in. Then she meets Ray Porter, a wealthy older man who begins to create a life for her that she never thought possible, he begins to make her feel special and that she different but in a good way. Ray and Mirabelle however couldn’t be more opposite of one another and their communication between them is an example of how different they are. Their communication as a couple is different then the communication they are able to share once they have broken up, grown up, and moved on with their lives. Once Ray Porter first meets Mirabelle he buys a pair of satin gloves from her, then sends them to Mirabelle asking for a date. Mirabelle has never been pursued like this before and honestly it scares her because she knows that she is ordinary and believes that she has little to offer somebody. She knows that a sophisticated man like Ray would want to date a worldly woman, someone who has something to talk about and all she has done with her life is work at Neiman’s. Martin expresses Mirabelle’s confusion and the start of their miscommunication as a couple when he states, “The question she does not ask, but is for most in her mind, is “why me?”(35). Mirabelle wants to as Ray why does he feels
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she is worth dating, but she doesn’t. Mirabelle should be honest with Ray and ask him what he saw in her to make him act so randomly and ask her out, but she does not. This gives the impression to Ray that Mirabelle accepts his way of suggesting dinner together and feels he has succeeded in being spontaneous like the younger generation seems to be like these days. Since Mirabelle is much younger than Ray, he knew that a simple
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shopgirl - English 111 5/10/09 Miscommunication in shopgirl...

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