sex eduaction in classrooms

sex eduaction in classrooms - The Importance of Teaching...

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The Importance of Teaching Sex Education in Classrooms American children are exposed everyday to sexual ideas from adult programming that their parents barley notice happen. They are in a constant relationship with sexual ideals; from the scandalous magazines that they look through at the malls or that might already be in their own home, to even billboards that advertise the latest fashion trend using sexual imaging to get a point across that if a person wears or uses this product they too will become the epitome of sexual attractiveness. Stating that children should not be taught the bases importance of sex is only going to confuse them more about what sex is and the power that it has especially for maturing young adults. Since it is almost impossible to keep young children sheltered from witnessing any type of sexual concepts seeing as it is engraved in society, the only conclusion that can be made it to as soon as possible give them the tools they need to understand what sexual intercourse is. Once they learn this vital information, they can realize that they can make their own decisions and won’t feel pressured from the media and society to conform into sexual beings just to feel they belong and are accepted. Reproduction is a natural and extremely necessary pare of life. It is what has kept the human race continuing since beginning of time and it is what will keep humanity continuing for as long as possible. Teaching sex education in the classroom has been such a long controversial issure among parents, teachers, and school board members. As reproducing humans they understand the importance of teaching the youth the significance of carryin on society and humanity but whaty they disagree on is whether sex education should be taught in a classroom or if it should be talked about int eh comfort of the home with the child being able to talk to the parents. If sex education would be taught in the classroom questions emerge such as “What age should it be taught at?”, and “What topics should be discussed and which
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sex eduaction in classrooms - The Importance of Teaching...

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