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Rome empire essay 2 - 4/22/09 History 103 Prof. Elliot The...

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4/22/09 History 103 Prof. Elliot The rise and fall of the Roman Empire Many have heard the history of one of the greatest empires of all time. The Roman Empire had paved the path that the American founding fathers looked to for inspiration and wisdom from learning from the mistakes of historical leaders to create the government we are today. In researching, many wonder how exactly did the empire fail? It looked like the perfect and strongest form of government to the outside nations, and yet it failed still and became a lesson to others and just another page in a history book. Many historians have researched the military and the government of the Roman Empire and it is yet still difficult to find if there was an exact moment that the roman people knew that their empire was failing. In the beginning, the Roman Empire (27 BC-476 AD) which began after the roman Republic was taken over by dictatorship left behind the Republic history which was a strong and idealistic form of government that was created in order to protect the people from tyrannical rulers and their ways of governing. The Republic form of government which had a council of citizens to create and enforce laws of the Empire, as well as creating the checks and balances system to formulate a stable and long lasting government, or so they thought. Once Caesar decided to declare himself emperor of Rome, that was the beginning of the end. Rome was an empire that expanded to such a powerful level that soon the fragile base which the Empire was created on began to decay, with government leaders becoming traitors to their nation, the army becoming so large and yet not so powerful that although the empire looked durable and commanding
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on the outside, it was from the inside where sabotage cut the fine thread that allowed the mighty Empire to collapse within itself and fall. There were many small decisions that were made that created the Roman Empire to fail, one of the main being the fact that an Empire itself is soon to fail because of the fact that one person (emperor) is in charge of every decision made, the other was the fact that the Army which was created to protect the people of Rome was not what full filling its duties and soon after many other bad decisions, the Empire fell. The Empire of Rome was the product of a government before that was meant to be a fool proof plan that would stand strong against the test of time and against all the rulers that could possibly mark the end of the Empire with one bad decision. Once the dictatorships or emperors started taking control and ruling Rome, many things started changing drastically. Before, when the Republic was the main form of government, it was a government created to allow the citizens of Rome to have a say in how things should be ruled and believed that decisions should be made by a group of educated people who knew what would be best for the people of Rome. In the book The Fall of Rome, the author, R.A. Laffety discussed how once Rome became an Empire, it was only a matter
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Rome empire essay 2 - 4/22/09 History 103 Prof. Elliot The...

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