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Isis and Osiris taught their people important sills like farming. Seth, evil brother of Osiris built a wooden box with only Osiris’ measurements. Tricked into it by seth, Osiris was locked into the box, and put in nile river. His body became divine The Egyptians had a huge cultural influence when it came to the Osiris myth about the afterlife. Osiris was a god who was able to have an afterlife even though his brother who was evil took advantage and killed him out of hate, just to have the higher spot as a god in the Egyptian culture. The Egyptians were very interested in the afterlife and how they were going to get there and make sure they are ready and accepted. The book of the dead was one of the most important things in their society, because the point of the living was to make sure that they were well prepared to go to the afterlife with all the things that were important to them during the time they were alive. The Egyptians felt that the most important part of dying was to be ready at the gates in
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