Enlightenment - Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 9/18/09 History 104...

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Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 9/18/09 History 104 Assignment # 1 Question #1 – How does the Enlightenment as represented by Kant reflect the influence of Bacon. In the Eighteenth Century, an incredibly important scientific and creative movement occurred and this is commonly known as The Enlightenment. During this time, men began publically questioning the old theories of the world as well as questioning their true purpose on Earth. Immanuel Kant was known during the Enlightenment as the spokesperson of the movement because of his advocacy to break the population free of the old ways, and to think freely for themselves. He represented the Enlightenment as an opportunity for men to fully gain freedom which is by gaining knowledge and use it as for determining reason and understanding. Kant had some influence of his ideals by Sir Frances Bacon, who was a philosopher himself and fully advocated the scientific method which questioned the old ways of thinking and understanding, by using scientific proof to either prove or disprove theories. Bacon believed the ways men were thinking and reasoning were far too old fashioned and it was time for a new wave of thought process to occur or else men would be doomed in their own immaturity and stupidity. During the Enlightenment, Immanuel Kant possessed many ideals about how people must break free of their childish thinking and for once think for themselves. Kant
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believed that society’s populations were thinking as children, awaiting guidance from those who they felt were their superiors such as kings and holy men. He believed that people thought like this because they liked the security of looking to superiors for advice
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Enlightenment - Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 9/18/09 History 104...

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