lincoln legacy - History 102 Prof. Mooney Did slavery end...

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History 102 Prof. Mooney Did slavery end in 1863? In American History classes, students are taught the horrible truth about the African American slaves in the United States. They learn that these people were kidnapped from their home and forced to do labor on the land of America and be treated like property the entire time. The students also learn that in 1863 Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, but never hear about the kind of slavery that is taking place on other soils besides America’s. The sex slave industry as well as domestic abuse is so common that the figures are hard to bear. In April, Santa Barbra held a panel to inform the public about this hidden problem that is going on around the world today, not something that is a piece of American history. There still is slavery in the world, and even though people don’t want to address it, the problem gets larger the more people think it will go away on its own. Richard Kravetz, a speaker at the Lincolns Legacy panel stated the facts about the Emancipation Proclamation that Lincoln had signed in 1863. Kravetz states that “Slavery institutionally ended in 1863…”(Kravetz, Lincolns Legacy) He as well began to state that this Proclamation ended the slavery for African Americans, but truly did not address the subject to slavery in another area, the area for women. Women were still considered property of a man in Puritan times, even in marriage. Kravetz as well adds to the horrible truth that women have been dealing with since the beginning of time, “Women were a father’s property until marriage…when they became the husbands property after” (Kravetz, Lincolns Legacy). I can hardly imagine what it must had been like knowing
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lincoln legacy - History 102 Prof. Mooney Did slavery end...

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