POLY 101 paper 1 - Kathryn Shahan POLY 101 Paper #1 Zinn,...

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Kathryn Shahan POLY 101 Paper #1 Zinn, Hooks, Janda In reading the arguments of political “critics” Zinn, Hooks, and Janda it was extremely interesting to hear about their topics and ideas when it comes to America’s society. For Zinn, he believed that not only was America misunderstood as “democratic”, but that the fact was that America’s ideals wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. In response to Zinn’s argument, Hooks quickly took part into explaining what Zinn was misunderstanding as America and turned it into the “correct” criticism for America. Janda looked at the facts to see if the government of America was actually doing what the Americans truly wanted or if they had an agenda all for themselves. In Zinn’s argument, he started questioning the democratic truth of America, if in fact that America was as democratic as it says it is. He then expresses a few choice criteria points that would surely make America the true democratic government. He started by examining political improvements by looking into the past and examining if the political standpoint from that point in time was worse then what had been going on today. He looked during the Great Depression and saw a significant change in the citizen’s welfare, as well as hope. He then compared the United States to other countries and governments of the world, and the fact that the U.S. is extremely wealthy and has freedom of expression rights to all citizens; the U.S. is very successful in being a democratic county. He then began questioning the democratic truth of America, asking if all people in America were treated equally when it came to making political decisions. Senators, representatives, and the President all make important decisions without our approval sometimes on things like tax structure, how tax money is spent, and what is a crime and decide what the punishment will be for those who commit it. When it comes to “representation”, he believes that it is a step towards democracy and not monarchy and yet it has its flaws. America uses representatives to “represent Americans” when in fact they have become their own elite class and cannot represent people they cannot relate to. These people run for office explaining that they
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POLY 101 paper 1 - Kathryn Shahan POLY 101 Paper #1 Zinn,...

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