African-American Struggle

African-American Struggle - African-American Freedom After...

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African-American Freedom After the Civil War, the slaves of the United States who were of African descent were granted the 13 th amendment and 14 th amendment, which outlawed slavery and allowed them to become legal voters. The former slaves saw this as their opportunity to finally be able to succeed by the hands of their labor rather than be someone else’s success. Although the United States granted them freedom, there was a very long and difficult period where it seemed that the slaves had taken one step forward and two steps back, because they were not respected by their fellow citizens and found that the only jobs they had any experience in was hard labor. In order for them to finally succeed, they created ways to help bring the African Americans out of their rut and help them find what they needed to succeed. There were thankfully, educated and motivated black citizens who tried with all their might to get African-Americans the rights and responsibilities of being a true American citizen. No matter how hard they tried, convincing people who believed that blacks were inferior was an extremely difficult task. During the time of Reconstruction of the South, there were millions of former slaves that had gained legal freedom, but had no where to go. They were uneducated, but extremely motivated to finally be able to have an opportunity to own land and create a new life for themselves. But since they were former slaves, they had little to no money to purchase land and the only work experience they had was hard labor and the former slaves found themselves working for the white men who used to enslave them. As much as they wanted to the slaves just couldn’t find a way to own their own land, “Economically, very few had been able to acquire land of their own and the vast majority
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African-American Struggle - African-American Freedom After...

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