library ethics essay - Lib 101 12-4-09 Ethics Essay...

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Lib 101 12-4-09 Ethics Essay Question #4 (Cheating) As college students’, many find attending all the necessary classes and completing all the required work for a class a task that seems almost impossible. Then when opportunities to cheat, such as a friend giving you the test that the teacher re-uses every year and use it as a study guide or a neighbor student sitting next to you offers to allow you to see their answers to questions you don’t know in return for them seeing your answers for questions they don’t know. If a student cheats one time and is lucky enough to get away with it and not be caught, they start to think that they can cheat anytime they want. When that cheating student receives their grade for a test they cheated on and observe a high grade that they know they wouldn’t have earned had they not cheated, it may seem that the only way they will succeed in this course is to cheat. Cheating is not only lying to the professors about what was learned in the class, but it is also lying to oneself. When someone cheats, they are receiving credit for something they did not do themselves.
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library ethics essay - Lib 101 12-4-09 Ethics Essay...

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