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film class midterm - Film Studies 101 SBCC 1 a Development...

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Film Studies 101 SBCC 1. a. Development – during this time of creating a film, there needs to be an idea about what the movie will be presenting to the audience. During the 1930’s, they used the ideas of books, or even sequels that had already been a hit with audiences. Not only did they need a good idea that would bring audiences in to watch the movie, they needed to set up a budget that was important to stick to. It was broken down into two parts; one being the budget to pay all the contracted staff, props for the movie, and the necessary costumes. The other part was the budget that was the budget that the dead of distribution made that would satifsfy the nature of the film to meet theatrical exhibition needs. The actors, directors, and producers were all contracted by certain studios which created pressure for them to bring something that everyone would enjoy since no new ideas from other studios could be used. Once they had the idea of what movie they were going to make, they needed to be able to put that idea into a script and diaologe for actors to portray to the audience. This stage of the process of making a film started to decline during the 1950’s because it was too costly to have contracted members of a studio, when the studio wasn’t able to bring high number of audiences in to watch their film. b. preproduction - During preproduction, they filmmakers get the idea or script that they fell will best be portrayed on screen. Once they have decided what they would like to create into a movie, they need to research how much financing they will need for their production (special effects etc), and as well re-writing the script to their desire. They also need to find places where they will shoot their scenes (if it requires out of studio scenes) and the costumes and sets that they require. This can take up to a year if everything was done correct and everything ran smoothly the first time around. This is one of the most important times during the filmmaking process because this is when the blueprints of the movie are laid out and creativity is necessary. Without this essential step, creating movies would be much more difficult c. production – During this time is when the cameras are rolling and actors are acting. This can take from 6 months on depending on how needy the film is with its locations and times of year. The director usually has the organization to decide to break down the scripts into sections and then sets a goal for when those pages would be done. It usually would consist of 3 pages for a full days work, depending on the director and the time constraint they currently are under. There are of course setbacks that can and will
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film class midterm - Film Studies 101 SBCC 1 a Development...

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