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Ethnic Studies 101:The Immigrant experience October 2 nd , 2009 An Immigrants Story of How Love Can Conquer All Some immigrants never imagined they themselves would be an immigrant in another country. They are born in their native country where everything is content, and they have wonderful experiences as a child and love their families and friends. They plan to live near their families as adults or if they plan to move, they would stay within their home country. There are however stories of people who fall madly in love with a visitor and find the only way they can truly be happy is to move with their loved one to their home country and start a new life, as an immigrant. This is the story of Shelia Robinson* who immigrated to America in 1986 from Scotland to be with the man who swept her off her feet. Although in time she began to battle loneliess and homesickness in America, she eventually learned to love the country she now calls home, where opportunities are at her fingertips. When Shelia was born in 1965 in Edinburgh, Scotland she never imagined that she would ever meet a man who was not a Scotsman himself. She dreamed as a child of having her wedding in the same Roman Catholic Church that her father and her mother had been married at. She dreamed of all her friends being there by her side, sharing the tears of joy she would experience on her wedding day. Shelia remembers “playing ‘marriage’ with a neighbor boy and I would always get mad at him for saying ‘I don’t’ when you’re supposed to say ‘I do’ [during the vows]”. Shelia couldn’t remember the neighboring boys’ name, but fondly remembers the fun they had as children.
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Sheila came from a loving family where both parents cared about their youngest daughter dearly. Although she was the baby of the family, she learned quickly how to take care of herself because “My older sisters would always call me a baby if I asked for help…so I just learned by myself”. Both Shelias parents owned a restaurant in town and Sheila loved sitting at empty tables as a child and watching the people around her. She used to imagine their life stories and would draw pictures of their story since she was too young to sit down and compose a written story. Growing up in a restaurant, Shelia saw many traveling citizens from all over the world, but never herself ever felt the “itch” to want to travel around the world like they did. Her reason being she loved her family far too much and never imagined ever leaving them. That was of course until she met Shaun* when she was 20 years old. Shelia had graduated high school, but hadn’t decided what she had wanted to do with her life yet. She loved the restaurant her parents owned and thought about taking it over once they got too old to run the place. However she loved to write, a talent she had aquired as a young child with a vivid imagination. But until she figured out what she wanted to do, she was completely content working as a waitress in her parents
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Immigrant story - Ethnic Studies 101:The Immigrant...

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