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Plato's Republic - Platos Republic In reading Platos...

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Plato’s Republic In reading Plato’s republic, I really enjoyed seeing what Plato figured would be the best way to rule a society. I was very caught off guard when Plato brought up what the arguments that will be shown in this work, and one specifically being : I will argue that there is reason in this view, for the life of the unjust is after all better far than the life of the just” (Plato 1). I was wondering exactly what he was trying to get across to his readers when he said this. Then after thinking about it, it is very true. The man who constantly is following laws given by men who are not him or in his position would be extremely unhappy because he is constantly giving up what he wants in order to make society happy. For example I was thinking about drug dealers, although it is morally wrong, they look at it as a business giving the people what they need. If there was no need for drugs then there would be no supply. Also, since there are many laws against
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