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Seven Bride's green world imagery

Seven Bride's green world imagery - does a musical number...

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English 111 4/27/09 Green World in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” In the movie “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, the main character Adam, in the first few scenes of the movie is shown moving through nature in a horse and wagon form of travel. In these scenes they show water splashing, trees blowing, and flowers scarcely blooming. Although there is randomness to the nature setting, there is as well a sense of peace and tranquility among them. It isn’t until he enters the town and enters a shop when he sees more order among the shop with goods stacked neatly and much organization around. In the scene where Adam is bringing home his new bride to the farm she will no be living on is just another form of proof of the green day world. When she stops and
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Unformatted text preview: does a musical number and sings, the audience once again sees the chaos of nature. She dances and sings along ground that has sparsely growing flowers of all different colors and then sings next to a tree that is almost completely naked of any green leaves or branches. At the end of her musical number she ends up by a completely dead log that has fallen over and left to rot in the wilderness. Milly started with new life (blooming flowers) and ended with death (dead log) in her song. That shows the chaos and different attributes that is offered in nature/green world. Although there is chaos in nature it all seems to fit perfectly and work out for the best....
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