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Definitions and poetry 1 - such words as joy and boy as...

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Katie Shahan English 111 Prof. Barber 1/28/09 Definitions and use in poems 1. Carpe Diem - Latin. seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future. a. This term was used in John Donne’s, “The Flea” because this flea was the metaphor for the sexual desire that the man had for the woman. He stated that the flea showed that they already were one when it came to the flea having both bloods inside. 2. Apostrophe - he sign ('), as used: to indicate the omission of one or more letters in a word, whether unpronounced, as in o'er for over, or pronounced, as in gov't for government. a. This term was used in John Donne’s “The Flea”. He used this several times to indicate a different type of words to pronounce. This made it more sensible because it also showed a more humorous way of reading the poem. 3. Couplet - a pair of successive lines of verse, esp. a pair that rhymes and are of the same length. a. This term was used in Ben Jonson’s. “On my first Sonne” and he rhymed
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Unformatted text preview: such words as joy and boy as well as pay and day. This was a more traditional poem in which every line in the poem rhymed. 4. Alienation/Assonance - the state of being withdrawn or isolated from the objective world, as through indifference or disaffection./ resemblance of sounds. a. This term was used by Ben Jonson in “On my first sonne” and he used alienation because he felt so hurt by his circumstances and used assonance through rhyming “lye” and “poetire.” 5. Conceit - an elaborate, fanciful metaphor. The use of such metaphors as a literary characteristic, esp. in poetry. a. The metaphorical symbol was in John Donne’s “The Flea” was in fact the flea. This flea was the symbol for the authors’ sexual desire to be with the woman he was in love with. He used the flea as an example of how they were already as one since the flea had both their bloods inside....
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