Odyssey. - Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 2/20/09 English 111GB...

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Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 2/20/09 English 111GB Barber A life’s journey My life’s journey has been an Odyssey of many destinations, and each journey brings me even closer to fulfilling my life and understanding it. For many people in the world, they have had to overcome hardships, gain strength in themselves, and believe that through hard work and perseverance everything will finally make sense. Two poems in “The Broadview Anthology of Poetry” edited by Rosengarten and Goldnick-Jones seem to speak to me on a personal level in comparison with my life. The specific author, Edna St. Vincent Millay, has two beautiful poems that I feel represent my life as an Odyssey. In the poem Journey , I find similar circumstances that I have gone through as I changed as a child to an adult, the choices in life I make, and just daily journeys everyone must go through. In her second poem, Love is not all I understand the meaning of love and since I have been in love a few times, I feel that this poem speaks to those who haven’t been in love about what love is and for those who have can understand exactly how they were in love. Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poem Journey speaks to those who find themselves in a position in life as a journey and want to change or for those who have changed and journeyed on and can easily relate to the written lines. This poem speaks to those who live a life of constant repetition and consistency, “I am so tired, so tired of passing pleasant places!”(Anthology p.485) Even though these “places” are “pleasant” one tends
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to grow tired to the constant knowledge about what is going on and happening in their specific life. This line speaks specifically to my life’s odyssey since I have had circumstances when I felt I needed a change or else I would be stuck in a horrible rut forever. The way I ended up changing on continuing onto my odyssey, was that I decided to move on my own to Santa Barbara. The change was massive and unbelievably life changing and I understood that at that point there was no going back to where I was
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Odyssey. - Shahan, 1 Katie Shahan 2/20/09 English 111GB...

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