When the Roman Republic first emerged

When the Roman Republic first emerged - When the Roman...

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When the Roman Republic first emerged (C.509), it was the remnants of a monarchy and the believed that the only way to ensure the survival of the republic because of Italy’s expansion was to create a form of “political institutions ins response t problems as the arose” (Spielvogel 117). This seemed like the most logical way to run a republic since the monarchy form of government had failed the Romans. They created a power system that allowed for counsels as well as praetors who held office. These who held these positions had power of justice and government. In a time of crisis however, there was an exception to the rule of counsels and praetors. A dictator could take place of all elected offices and have absolute power during a national emergency which would last only about 6 months. In my opinion, I feel that the turning point of when Rome became a empire had the roots of the struggle between Caesar and Pompey over power of the Senate. That
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