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cheddar man - I absolutely believe that Cheddar Man has...

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I absolutely believe that Cheddar Man has nothing but facts for those most doubtful. Not only did they find a skeleton dated back from the Stone Age from 10,000 years ago, but the found a close living descendant that matched the DNA. In most parts of research, the only way to prove a theory is backed by scientific fact. Instead of the Bible which references stories that were written centuries later after they “happened” which people do believe happened, there is hard evidence from the scientific world that proves that two people are related from 10,000 years ago. Looking at the skeleton compared to a modern day skeleton, archeologists would find many differences in evolution that occurred so the being could adapt to its environment. One reason why some people might still be more objectified by the scientific reasoning is that it is a newer type of evidence that hasn’t been around for longer than 50 years. People find it hard to be proven wrong by science when they had believed something to
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