In comparing Rome to the USA

In comparing Rome to the USA - In comparing Rome to the...

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In comparing Rome to the USA, there are definitely some similarities that are obvious to anyone who is familiar with both the Roman history and American history. As a democracy, in which was created by the Romans, Americans have the safety that appears during a democracy. In American history, we have seen Russia and China become communist, and personally had to deal with a monarchy trying to rule the colonists from 3,000 miles away. Is America however close in some similarities to Rome? The answer depends on how you look at both America and Ancient Rome. Rome at their peak was an Ancient democracy, still trying to work out all the mess ups from previous rulers. They had the fear however of being invaded by Germanic tribes to the north, and we don’t have to worry about any take over from Al Qaeda since we are sure that we are stronger and more intelligent then they are. But are we? Rome had begun to decay and fall apart from the inside and since sabotage and betrayal within the castle walls is what generally
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