assignment 2 - Kathryn Shahan POLS 101 Paper Assignment#2...

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Kathryn Shahan POLS 101 2/17/10 Paper Assignment #2 Three of the most influential political American documents without a doubt are the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address and the Four Freedoms speech. These three documents hold the passion that the authors held about their subject and influenced generations after they were written. In the Declaration of Independence the main point of the document was the natural rights that citizens had against a government, while in the Gettysburg Address the main point was honoring those who had fought the Civil War, and in the Four Freedoms speech the main points were that there were four extremely important freedoms that every citizen was allowed. When the Declaration of Independence was written, the colonist authors were in a position of being ruled by a tyrant over 3,000 miles away. They wrote this document with the anger in their heart about how they had been treated over the rule from England. They write that the people have the right to “dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another…and should declare the causes which impel them to the separation” (p.91) They are
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assignment 2 - Kathryn Shahan POLS 101 Paper Assignment#2...

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