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Reflection on Packet Articles

Reflection on Packet Articles - Page 1 Social Problems...

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Page 1 Social Problems 31530 Extra Credit Option # 2 Reflection on Packet Articles In the packet article titled The Batterer psychologists attempt to distinguish the types of men who batter their wives. This article actually explained really well the differences between the types of abusive men. In previous psychology classes, they always state that abusive husbands have history of being abused themselves or saw the father abuse the wife and therefore learned that was the way to control a wife. However, I was not aware of the extent that they would do their research, which was interesting. They were able to get down to the details about certain kind of abuse and the relationships they had with their wives. I enjoyed reading how they were different because before, I honestly didn’t think that there was that much of a difference. What really makes sense now is why the wives stay in the abusive relationships. I always got so upset whenever I would hear on the news or radio about a woman who was killed in a domestic violence case and they had a history of being beaten by the husband. I now know that these women may have their lives threatened if they leave the husband and are afraid themselves of being alone. Understanding the types of abusers that exist is just one step in the right direction to get them to become non abusers and finally be able to establish a healthy relationship with their wife. One article that still surprises me is the Colation battles underage sex slavery because San Diego is just an hour away from my home. The thought of underage sex slaves being so close to my hometown is incredibly frightening. Reading this article, I almost didn’t want to believe it either. I am just so relieved to of found out that people do know about the sex slave in San Diego, because now there are people who can do things about it. If people didn’t want to believe that there was something wrong, then the problem would only get worse and possibly have the human trafficking spread past San Diego and into other people’s hometowns. When the article stated that they had a meeting at California State University San Marcos, which is just up the street from Palomar, it really is something that has hit
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Page 2 America. This isn’t something that is in third-world countries, it is in all of our homes. The horrific fact about how the underage sex slaves were lured here, promised to have a future and a new life in America only to become sex slaves. I only hope that soon we will be able to stop sex slaves, especially to those who are underage and never intended to get involved with prostitution in the first place.
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Reflection on Packet Articles - Page 1 Social Problems...

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