Assigned documents in Perry

Assigned documents in Perry - Assigned documents in Perry...

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Assigned documents in Perry – primary source documents in which influential people wrote down their ideas and these documents are used for arguing certain theories about history. Adam Smith – (1700’s/Enlightenment) philosopher believed state should not interfere in economic matters. Gov’t should only 1) protect society from invasion 2) defend individuals (police) and 3) keep up public works. Laid down idea for economic liberalism. Believed in Laissez-faire. Bourgeoisie – 1850’s on. people involved in commerce, industy, and banking and professional careers (lawyers etc) were the middle class was new during the industrial revolution Charles Darwin – 1859 Theory of evolution among animals/natural selection. Went against creationism which was supported by the church Concert of Europe – 1815 Britian, Russia, Prussia, and Austria agreed to have coferences to maintain peace in Europe. When Britian rejected Metternich’s principle of intervention the Concert of Europe had broken down. Deism – During the Enlightenment (17 th Century) belief god as the creator of the universe who, after setting it in motion, ceased to hve any direct involvement in it and allowed it to run according to its own natural laws. Included Voltaire, Robespiere Divine Right of Kings – Belief that royalty was chosen by god to become leaders of a kingdom. People believed that there is a reason for why a person was born into royalty. Economic determinism 1850’s Communist ideal by Marx. social, cultural, political, and intellectual forms are determined by or result from such economic factors Edmund burke 1790 advised against violent overthrow of gov’t but he liked
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Assigned documents in Perry - Assigned documents in Perry...

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