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CHM 3120 Final Exam (Form Code A) December 18, 2008 Instructions: On your scantron sheet enter your name, UF ID number (start on the first space and leave the last space blank), and Form Code (see above). This exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions each worth 10 points for a total maximum of 300 pts. You may retain your exam sheet. Turn in only the scantron. Bubbling errors of any kind will count as an incorrect response or result in the loss of points. 1. Concerning detectors for gas chromatography, which statement is false? (1) The thermal conductivity (TC) detector is universal, responding to all analytes. (2) Helium is used as the TC carrier gas because of its low thermal conductivity. (3)The flame ionization (FI) detector uses a hydrogen/air flame (4) The FI detector has much better detection limits than the TC detector. 2. Calculate the kilojoules per mole of photons at a wavelength of 562 nm. (1) 299 (2) 213 (3) 178 (4) 353 (5) other 3. Which of the following statements is not true? (1) A reaction is favored if ! G is negative. (2) A negative ! S favors a reaction. (3) If Q<K, the reaction must proceed to the right to reach equilibrium (4) Galvanic cells use spontaneous chemical reactions for current flow. 4. A 48.0 wt% solution of HBr in water has a density of 1.50 g/mL. How much solution is required to prepare 0.250 L of 0.160 M HBr? (1) 1.50 mL (2) 2.25 mL (3) 4.49mL (4) 3.75 mL (5) other 5. A beaker contains 250 mL of 0.150 M silver ion. To this beaker is added 250 mL of 0.300 M bromide ion. What is the concentration of Ag + in the final solution. K sp for AgBr = 5.0 x 10 -13 (1) 2.5 x 10 -11 M (2) 1.3 x 10 -10 M (3) 1.3 x 10 -7 M (4) 6.7 x 10 -12 M (5) other 6. An unknown sample of Ni +2 gave a current of 2.36 µA in an electrochemical analysis. After adding 0.500 mL of solution (0.0287 M Ni +2 ) to 25.00 mL of the unknown, the current increased to 3.79 µA. What was the [Ni
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2008_final_exam - CHM 3120 Final Exam (Form Code A)...

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