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Final Exam: Topic Review from Exam One General conceptual understanding of the various topics covered this semester and listed below may be tested. This topic review also lists the types of calculations, and problems that you may encounter. Exam One: Chapters 1–4 The content of these revision chapters is mostly just part of the questions of the entire exam. These are some specific skills that may be tested: Problem: Balance a chemical reaction Calculation: Reaction stoichiometry; calculations involving mass, number of molecules, limiting reagents, excess reagents, etc Exam One: Chapter 12 Topics: Electromagnetic radiation, New assumptions from Planck, Einstein, Bohr that lead to modern atomic theory, Wave particle duality, Atomic emission, Schrodinger’s equation, Particle in a box, Quantum numbers,
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Unformatted text preview: Electronic configurations, Periodic trends. Concepts you should understand: diffraction, interference, isoelectronic, uncertainty principle, emission/absorption, core/valence Calculation: electromagnetic radiation spectrum Calculation: Rydberg equation Calculation: particle in a box Calculation: matter waves: deBroglie equation Problem: know the visible light colour sequence, and energy ranking (meaning high vs low energy) Problem: applying quantum number rules Problem: assigning electronic configurations Problem: paramagnetic/diamagnetic Ranking periodic trends: aomic radii, electron affinity, ionization energy, ionic radii...
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