growth and development - Growth and development Discuss...

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Growth and development Discuss different ways of classifying countries in relation to their level of growth and development Urbanization The tendency of populations in LDCs to concentrate in urban areas during the development process which often involves industrialization. Offshoring The movement of jobs from developed to developing countries, usually on the basis of lower labour costs. Agglomeration economies Benefits to firms from the growth in size of urban areas. What are the advantages and disadvantages of measuring development with GDP per head? Economic growth is measured through GNP or GDP and or per capita. This measurement has advantages like the fact that it’s used universally and disadvantages because many of the things that would lead to an increase in GDP like military spending aren’t an index of quality of life. Highly indebted countries those countries with the highest ratio of debt to GDP The major advantages to using GDP per capita as an indicator of standard of living are that it is measured frequently, widely and consistently; frequently in that most countries provide information on GDP on a quarterly basis (which allows a user to spot trends more quickly), widely in that some measure of GDP is available for practically every country in the world (allowing crude comparisons between the standard of living in different countries), and consistently in that the technical definitions
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growth and development - Growth and development Discuss...

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