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Media Analysis For my media analysis I choose to look at how advertising shows the self-concept of body images, specifically the advertisement of L.A. Weight Loss on the internet. We are specifically learning through the media the same things everyday about body image, if you look pretty you will be happy. Everyday I sit and watch television and watch advertisement after advertisement about how a girl worked hard and lost weight and now feels great. It’s all about getting that perfect body image, and then your life will be great. L.A. Weight Loss states that “You will look great. You will feel healthier. You’ll be more confident. And you’ll have more energy.” There are some benefits in an audience learning about weight loss. One benefit is that they do learn that when you loss weight you most likely will feel healthier and have more energetic. It is good for people to learn
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Unformatted text preview: about weight loss and the benefits of losing weight if they are over weight. It is also beneficial for individuals who need to lose weight to know where to go and what to do if they need and want help. There are also problems with an audience learning about weight loss through advertisements. The advertisers claim that if you loss weight you will be more confident and look great. Confidence can be gained through many things but I don’t think that once you lose weight confidence comes right along. Another thing they are assuming is that you’ll look great and this is very subjective. Some people may think that they need to lose weight, when really they don’t, and lose more weight and still don’t feel that they look great, to some people they may even look worse. But it is all about one’s self image, how you see yourself....
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