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Patrick Corpuz pcorpuz@ucsd.edu A01: Mon. 8-8:50 Center 207 02/17/09 OH: Fri. 8-8:50 Leichtag Lobby A04: Wed. 8-8:50 Center 220 WEEK 6 I. Hormone Control Mechanisms 1. Neuronal reflex examples i. Mechano: oxytocin release during labor and suckling of nipple ii. Blood oxmolarity: increased blood osmolarity stimulates ADH release iii. Stress: phsychological, emotional, physical, pain, hypoglycemia 2. Typically negative feedback i. Example: Parathyroid Hormone events: 1. ( / ) Ca++ concentration ( / ) parathyroid hormone release of Ca++ from bone and ( / ) reabsorption of Ca++ in the kidneys ii. Example: Pancrease 1. ( / ) Blood glucose (hypoglycemia) ( / ) in Epinephrine from Adrenal Medulla , ( / ) glucagons from pancrease, ( / ) insulin secretion from pancreas 2. Epinephrine and glucagons activate Gs proteins in liver cells ( / ) cAMP break down of glycogen to glucose ( / ) blood glucose levels II. Hypothalamic-Pituitary System 1. Hypothalamus controls the posterior pituitary gland via neurons i. ADH/Vasopressin ii. Oxytocin b. Hypothalamus controls the anterior pituitary gland via hormones i. Anterior pituitary gland has 5 types of cells that secrete 6 hormones ii. Portal system 1. hormones from the hypothalamus are not diluted and reach the target cells at high concentration 2. Transports tropic hormones from the hypothalamus directly to the anterior pituitary 3. Contains no blood brain barrier iii. Anterior Pituitary Hormones 1. Growth Hormone a. Stimulated by GHRH b. Inhibited by somatostatin i. Decrease secretion of GH ii. Stomach and pancrease produce somatostatin 1. Inhibit acid secretion in stomach 2. Inhibit insulin secretion in pancreas c. Ghrelin i. From stomach ii. Increase appetite, secreted when hungry iii. Increase GH release d. Targets several tissues to stimulate growth directly or via IGF-1 e. Liver i. GH stimulates release of Insulin-like Growth Factor – 1 (IGF-1) f. Secretion Stimulated by: i.
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021809 Section 06 - Patrick Corpuz pcorpuz@ucsd.edu A01:...

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