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Minh Le [email protected] , OH M 11-11:50a; BIPN 100. Handout 2 More on Neurons a. Schwann Cells- in Peripheral N.S., these cells myelinate a single axon by wrapping around it and leaving space between each other. b. Oligodendrocytes- myelinate several axons, found in CNS. c. Glial Cells- non-excitatory neuronal cells used to support excitable neurons i. Ependymal Cells- line cavities of the CNS, secretes Cerebrospinal Fluid. ii. Microglia- act like immune cells, microphages that scavenge iii. Astrocytes- participate in uptake of K+ and certain NT’s; secretes neurotropic factors to cover capillaries and form BBB prevents free diffusion of H2O-soluble molecules between blood and Interstitial F. -Myelination is important for AP conduction decreases membrane conductance and increase conduction velocity of AP by decreasing ion leakage. Demyelinating Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis will increase membrane conductance more unmyelinating regions = more leak of ions = decrease current strength Synaptic Transmission a. Electrical Synapses- electrical signal (current) passes directly from one cell to the next via gap junctions; faster transmission than Chemical Synapse. Ex) Cardiac Muscle What are gap jxns? they connect the cytosol of two adjacent cells thru a channel. b. Chemical Synapses- Synapse that uses NTs or hormones to communicate with target cell. -
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BIPN%20HD%202%20master - Minh Le [email protected] OH M...

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