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Minh Le, [email protected] BIPN 100 Dr. Fortes; Section: Thursday 7-7:50p Handout 1, Discussion 1 Diffusion : molecules have kinetic energy constantly moving; area of high concentration of molecules to area of low concentration of molecules. What are two factors that are needed in order for diffusion to take place? - use Fick’s Law of Diffusion flux of substance across a barrier is determined by driving force and ease of the flow ( the net flux) - Net flow (flux)= change in [] x Area x Permeability; is the driving force - Permeability = lipid solubility/ (molecular size x viscosity x thickness of membrane) Simple Diffusion: diffusion directly across the phospholipid bilayer of cell down its [C] gradient - Ex) Gases, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide Facilitated Diffusion: movement of molecules across the plasma membrane with the aid of a membrane protein, also down its concentration gradient. - Ex) Transport proteins Active Transport: 1) Primary- ion pump that uses ATP as energy source to create concentration gradient across the membrane Ex) 3Na in + 2 K out + ATP + H20
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BIPN%20100%20Hd%201%20Student%20Version - Minh Le,...

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