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Minh Le, [email protected] ; BIPN 100 OH: 11-11:50a Mon. @ Café Roma Hand Out 4 Sensory Receptors 1) Special Senses: sensory stimuli reaching the conscious level of perception - Vision, taste, smell, hearing, equilibrium/ posture - Sensory neurons project into thalamus for processing, relaying stimuli to respective brain regions. 2) Receptors- classified according to stimuli type a. Mechanoreceptors- ion channels; respond to pressure, vibrations, sound, stretch b. Thermoreceptors- respond to temperature and chemicals. For instance, capcasin gives sensation of warmth for hot receptors and menthol gives sensation of a chill for cold receptors. It depends on the temperature. c. Chemoreceptors- respond to chemical ligands that bind to the receptor (Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, pH, glucose) in the tongue, nose, brain, aorta d. Photoreceptors- respond to light e. Nociceptors- respond to noxious stimuli; pain can be caused from very cold or very hot stimuli. In general, intensity of stimulus is coded by the number of receptors activated and in the frequency of APs fired. Types of Adaptive Receptors 1) Tonic Receptors- slowly adapt to a stimulus, or may not at all constantly functioning Ex) Maintains state of contractility of skeletal muscle under a constant mechanical stimulus 2) Phasic Receptors- rapidly adapt to a continuous stimulus, prevents overwhelming the brain with stimuli - Fire at initial stimulus or a change in stimulus intensity, but then stop when stimulus becomes constant, fire again when stimulus is removed/ changes intensity. - Ex) hand in warm water or smell of perfume or the bathroom Somatosensory Pathways 2 Types of Receptors: 1) You have the “Fine touch, proprioception, and vibration” receptors 2) You also have the “Temperature, nociception, coarse touch receptors. Types of Fibers:
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BIPN%20100%20Hd%204 - Minh Le, [email protected]; BIPN 100 OH:...

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