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Midterm 1 Practice Questions Part 1 1) At what membrane potential would prevent Na+ influx if the extracellular concentration is 100 mM and the intracellular concentration is 10 m M? (assuming Na-channels are open)? 58mV 2) What would happen to the resting membrane potential (Vm) if you remove intracellular Na+? Increase ( depolarize ) 3) During what phase of the action potential are the most K+ channels open? (Resting, Rise, Fall, etc) Falling phase 4) Draw ion permeability versus time during an action potential. What ions are involved? Look in book 5) What will happen to conduction of action potentials? Decrease in the external Na+ concentration nothing Decrease in the membrane resistance decrease Increase in the longitudinal resistance decrease Decrease in the intensity of the stimulus (but still above-threshold) nothing, intensity is frequency encoding, not conduction
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Practice%20Midterm%201%20Questions%20Answers - Midterm 1...

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