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BIPN 100 Chris Childers Dr. Fortes Winter 09 Lecture 13 – February 6 th Lecture 14 – February 9 th Lecture 15 – February 11 th Reflexes – mono and polysynaptic Muscle spindle and golgi tendon reflexes Hormone categories Hormone receptors – extracellular and intracellular G Protein Coupled Signal Transduction Negative feedback loops The anterior pituitary The gonadotrophs and tyrotrophs and their associated diseases Compare and contrast monosynaptic and polysynaptic reflexes. Figure 13-1a Monosynaptic reflex: Stimulus receptors sensory neuron effector neuron effect Figure 13-1b Polysynaptic reflex: Stimulus Receptors sensory neuron interneurons efferent neuron effect Define… Alpha Motor Neuron – Neurons that innvervate extrafusal muscle fibers and cause muscle contraction Gamma Motor Neuron – Small neuron that innervates intrafusal fibers within the muscle spindle Muscle Spindle – muscle receptors that send information about muscle length Extrafusal fibers – normal contractile unit of a muscle Intrafusal fibers – modified muscle fibers of the muscle spindle that lack myofibrils in their central portions Alpha-Gamma Co-Activation – simultaneous activation of alpha and gamma motor neurons so that during muscle contraction the intrafusal fibers continue to monitor the tension in the muscle Muscle Tone – the basal state of muscle contration or tension that results from tonic activity of the muscle spindle Compare and contrast muscle spindle reflexes and golgi tendon reflexes. Muscle spindle reflex…
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Week%206%20-%20Teacher%20Edition - BIPN 100 Dr. Fortes...

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