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Chris Childers Dr. Fortes Winter 09 There are two non-tropin anterior pituitary hormones. What are they? Diagram their stimulation starting with the hypothalamus and ending with their target organs. Non-Tropin Anterior Pituitary Hormones… Hypothalamus (Dopamine - (-)) Pituitary Prolactin Breast Tissue Hypothalamus (GHRH - (+), Somatostatin – (-)) Pituitary Growth Hormone Prolactin secretion increases during PREGNANCY but does not stimulate milk production due to the inhibitive effects of _ESTROGEN_ and PROGRESTERONE_. After birth, the concentration of these two hormones drastically decreases allowing production of milk. Suckiling on the mothers breast leads to decrease in _ DOPAMINE which acts as the primary inhibitor of prolactin secretion. Mechanical stimulation also causes the secretion of _ OXYTOCIN_ from the posterior pituitary which causes smooth muscle contraction and milk let down. While the mother continues to nurse the new born baby, prolactin levels are kept high which causes a decrease in _ GNRH_ which can lead to _ INFERTILITY__. What is the first sign of a functional tumor of the lactotrophs in the anterior pituitary? What three methods can be employed to treat the tumor? Prolactin Tumors Typically not malignant (do not metasticize) Usually functional tumors (overproduction of prolactin) which can lead to infertility (via inhibition of GnRH) A tumor can press the nearby optic nerve decrease in peripheral vision (“Wearing Blinders”) How can we fix? o Radiation o Surgically remove it o Dopamine agonists (originally discovered as Parkinson’s disease treatments) Growth hormone is regulated by both hormonal and metabolic effects. What are three hormonal regulators and two metabolic regulators? Indicate whether the hormones/nutrients will be inhibitory or stimulatory. Growth Hormone Stimulation / Inhibition Release is stimulated by Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone from the hypothalamus Release is stimulated by Ghrelin from the stomach o Ghrelin also acts on the hypothalamus to increase appetite Release is inhibited by somatostatin from the hypothalamus o Somatostatin has other functions in the stomach, pancreas etc. Release is stimulated during your sleep (tied to circadian rhythms) Release is stimulated by hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Release is stimulated by high amino acid concentrations (specifically arginine) Lecture 16 – Lecture 17 - Prolactin + Prolactin Tumors Growth Hormone + Excess / Deficiency Muscle Contraction Cytoplasmic Events (Ca2+, SR, Troponin Etc.) Summation, Tetanus
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Week%207%20-%20Teacher%20Edition - B IPN 100 Dr. Fortes...

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