BIMM 100 Problem Set #4

BIMM 100 Problem Set #4 - Proble m S et#4...

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Problem Set #4 BIMM100 Winter 2010 – Short Answers 1. Define a gene. Entire sequence of DNA with information that not only includes protein encoding regions but all of the regulatory regions (enhancers, promoters, proximal units) necessary for 'functional RNA' synthesis; synthesis of single polypeptide chain 2. What is the difference between a simple and co mplex transcription unit? Simple – only produce 1 functional RNA into 1 protein Complex – create multiple gene products through alternative splicing 3. What does it mean when a gene is referred to as “solitary”? Solitary = only occurs once in a haploid genome 4. Why is the sequence of duplicated genes less constrained? In other words, more likely to experience sequence drift? Because suppose out of 3-4 copies of genes, need only 2 to survive; then even if the other two are mutated, the system still survives 5. What is a pseudogene? “It used to be a gene”
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BIMM 100 Problem Set #4 - Proble m S et#4...

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