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Problem Set #7 - 11 Describe the model for how mRNA is...

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PS 7, 1 Problem Set #7 BIMM100 Winter 2010 – Short Answers 1. Describe in general terms three types of processing events common to all eukaryotic pre-mRNAs. 2. What is meant by “co-transcriptional” processing? 3. Why is the CTD tail of RNA Polymerase II so important? 4. What are the signals in the pre-mRNA that are involved in 3’ polyadenylation and which remain in the mature mRNA? 5. Which enzyme is responsible for cleavage and polyadenylation? 6. What signals the shift from slow to rapid polyadenylation? 7. Which snRNAs are involved in the splicing process of mRNAs and how did they get their names? 8. Describe the important features of introns in the pre-mRNA that allow them to be recognized and spliced out. 9. Describe the two transesterification reactions involved in splicing, and indicate why the branch point “A” is important? 10. How are exons identified by cellular machinery?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Describe the model for how mRNA is transported out of the nucleus and into the cytoplasm. 12. How do splicing activators and repressors function in alternative splicing? 13. What does maskin do? What happens when maskin is released? 14. How are AU-rich instability elements in mRNA involved in the regulation of Transferrin? 15. What happens to target mRNA when siRNA binds to it perfectly? What happens when miRNA binds imperfectly? 16. Name and describe the enzymes or protein complexes involved in the miRNA pathway. 17. Compare and contrast a genomic and cDNA library. Which should you create in order to sequence the genome of an organism? Which would be useful for isolating a specific protein-coding gene? 18. Vectors used for creating genomic libraries need to have what features?...
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