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9. Integrations are a way of collaboration different information systems, by allowing each individual system to upload and download new information as it become available. With the above in view, it allows for systems too all be coordinated, which in term, allows knowledge workers to make better decisions because the information they base their decisions on will be accurate and up to date. 10. A business needs a disaster recovery plan, because the future is unpredictable and sometimes information can be lost. Specifically, information can sometimes be ruined or corrupted during a fire, a power outage, a flood, or even when a hacker attacks a company’s system, thus, it is important to have copies of information so that in the event that one of the above happens, a company will still be able to access the lost or contaminated data. 11. Customer relationship management (CRM) system is a system that tracks customer’s tendencies and records it in a database so that when that same customer returns, the CRM system can effectively address the needs of that
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ReadingGuide061030 - 9. Integrations are a way of...

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