midg - Midterm Examination, BUS312 NAME: _ Student #_...

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Midterm Examination, BUS312 NAME : ___________________________________ Student #____________________ Instructions: For qualitative questions, point form is not an acceptable answer. For quantitative questions, an indication of how you arrived at particular numbers is required for the purpose of assigning part marks. There are a total of 60 marks on this examination. This examination is composed of 6 questions and 6 pages. Please answer all questions on the examination. No other sheets of paper will be marked. Please use pen rather than pencil for your responses. There will be no reconsideration of marking for pencilled responses. The examination period is one hour and fifty minutes: there will be no extensions. 1. (10 marks) Joe Canoe is a rancher. His herd of cattle (or any other herd of cattle) is not “allowed” a capital cost allowance by Revenue Canada. In Revenue Canada’s eyes, this asset is not depreciable. Comment on the following assertion: “If this asset is not depreciable, it cannot be a real asset, and therefore, it must be a financial asset.” 2. (10 marks) At dollar sales of $4,000,000, ABC Company Limited has an EBITDA-margin of 20%. Their break-even dollar sales for a year are $2,000,000. Break-even sales are defined as dollars sales for which EBITDA (from core operations) is zero. Required:
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midg - Midterm Examination, BUS312 NAME: _ Student #_...

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