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Camille Gomez 081-39193 March 8, 2010 Yalom paper Yalom’s book, Loves Executioner, is an amazing account of 10 patients in therapy and the progress they make because of the creative ways of Yalom’s style of psychotherapy. The book not only shows the inner struggles of each patient as they face their problems, but it illustrates Dr. Yalom’s thoughts and personal experiences as he provides therapy. This book not only gave me a new view on the patient and therapist relationship, but it showed true compassion, real humor, and helped me understand the affect a patient can have on a therapist. In the first chapter, he tells of his experience with the elderly woman and her obsessive behavior toward a much younger therapist. She tells her story of their 27 days of amazing love and how his silence is driving her to attempt to kill herself. Yalom uses psychotherapy from the very start and explains to her that to process can be a very painful one and can feel like it is making it worse, when in reality it is making progress. With existential therapy, Yalom takes the view that she is dealing with her problems of death.
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When working with this particular patient, I feel that he shows a very cognitive stance. He tries to explain to her that the love she shared with Matthew wasn’t love at all but it was her way of dealing with other issues in her life, such as her fear of growing old and dying. Through therapy Yalom attempts to use the words that she uses to explain her love and obsession as a way of getting her to see that Matthew isn’t her only way to be happy. This is similar to the video we watched of Rogers who would re word what the patient said in similar words to help the patient hear their own thoughts. I found that he did this in a more subtle way while also offering her his own thoughts and advice. As our book explains, transference is when the patient projects onto the therapist
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Yalom - Camille Gomez 081-39193 March 8 2010 Yalom paper...

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