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PsyD Speaker - Brian - $600 a credit which goes up 12 each...

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Psy D. Guest Speaker 3/11 Brian Hopper Psy.D. UI Counseling and Testing Center -Clinical psychologist, counseling center therapist Interns: UofI is an APA approved Internship site Carina Bavel – Alder school of pro psych Chicago Bobby Trihub – George Fox university in Oregon Kathy Denin – Spalding university in Kentucky (the rest is just written… sorry) Internship is volunteering GRE + Psych GRE Intern at UofI is 8 hours of seminar per week on top of 40 hour work weeks 120 credits
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Unformatted text preview: $600 a credit which goes up 12% each year Best study tip: over learn the study guide Brian Hopper has an 8 page resume Psy D = 4x more work Cocktail party effect (may not need to know… worth Wikipedia) Alder school is non for profit-No GRE Requirements-Counseling center on site for community Practicum + Disertation Should Apply to 11-15 sites cover letter 4 good essays 20 page application 3 letters of personal teacher recommendation Resume...
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