Comm 200 Syllabus Spring 2009

Comm 200 Syllabus Spring 2009 - Communication 200...

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Communication 200 Communication as a Social Science Spring 2009 Ken Sereno ASC 202-C (213) 740-3952 (Office) [email protected] Office Hours : Tuesdays: 3:30-5:00 Wednesdays: 10:00-11:30; 1:30-4:00 Thursdays: 10:00-10:30; 3:30-5:00 Other times by arrangement. Please drop by and introduce yourself--I’d like to get to know each of you. You don’t need a serious reason to see me. I’m available to talk about questions, problems, or concerns you may have with this class, your major, school, career or anything else. If you need someone to talk to I’m here. If you can’t make my office hours, talk with me before or after class or call or email me and we can arrange another time. Texts : Infante, D., Rancer, A. and Womack, D. (2003) Building Communication Theory. Longrove, Ill.: Waveland Press, Inc. Sereno, K. (2009) Communication 200 Lecture Notes. You may purchase these at the Magic Machine, which is in University Village on Jefferson. Clickers : Purchase a clicker from the USC Bookstore. Clickers are credit-card sized devices that allow you to respond to multiple-choice questions presented during lectures. I will also take attendance in lectures through clickers. Course Description : This course is a survey of fundamental content in communication. It focuses upon issues in defining communication; the nature of social scientific scholarship; major social scientific perspectives on the communication process; basic issues in the philosophy of science; the role of theory in research; beginning research methods; core theories of message production and reception; and major contextual theories of interpersonal, group, and organizational dynamics. Course Objectives : 1. To have you describe and explain the nature, usefulness, methods and issues connected with a social scientific approach to the study of communication. 2. To have you describe and explain the major perspectives, issues, and theories of communication.
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3. To have you demonstrate your ability to use concepts from theories of communication to explain actual communication behavior. Grading : Examination 1 100 points Examination 2 100 points Examination 3 100 points Final Examination 100 points Term Paper 100 points Standards for letter grades: A = 90-100 points B = 80-89 points C = 70-79 points D = 60-69 points F = Below 60 points I give plusses and minuses. For example, B grades are assigned as follows:
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Comm 200 Syllabus Spring 2009 - Communication 200...

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