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Exam 1 McClure Review

Exam 1 McClure Review - -Anomeric carbon found only in...

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--Oxygen binds to hemoglobin one oxygen molecule at a time. When each molecule binds, it causes a change in quaternary interactions. The result is that the binding of the second molecule of oxygen is 3x tighter. This causes a further confirmation and the binding it tighter yet. The fourth molecule binds about the same as the third one. (This increases the amount of oxygen you can bind by about 19%) --Mainly multiple choice, definitions, some other question types --Enatiomers have the same physical and chemical properties –FALSE
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Unformatted text preview: --Anomeric carbon : found only in carbyhydrates. Whenever we take a carbohyrate from the straight chain for and change it to the cyclic form, you add a bond. The carbon with that bond is the anomeric carbon, and there is always a carbonyl on it (in glucose, the #1 carbon had the carbonyl, so this is the anomeric carbon)--Dialectric constant--High things are very hydrophilic (e.g. water)--Low things are very hydrophobic (e.g. methane)...
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