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Lab Practical Guidelines

Lab Practical Guidelines - a Starch gets broken down by...

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Useful things to know regarding the Lab Practical Exam 1. To prepare for the lab practical exam study the material from your TA’s PPT slides and your lab manual. Concentrate on the results of your experiments and conclusions (answers) you wrote in your lab manual. 2. It is a 60-minute exam worth 50 points . You will have 25 questions . Some of the questions will have a , b and c parts. 3. You will have to fill in the answers so you really have to know the material. You will not have multiple-choice questions like in your quizzes. Below you have an example from a typical lab practical exam.
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Unformatted text preview: a. Starch gets broken down by enzyme ______________ into _______________. b. Where can we find this enzyme in our body? __________________________ 4. You will be given a test so you just need a pen or a pencil … and good knowledge of labs 1 – 5 (not chapters!) to get those 50 points ! 5. Students who usually have a lab at 8 A.M. will come to lab one hour later – at 9 A.M. Everyone else will come to lab as usual. 6. Do not study a night before because you will not be able to remember all those terms, processes or structures. 7. Good luck!...
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