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Lab Reports- Summary Guidelines for BISC 220 Lab Reports v2

Lab Reports- Summary Guidelines for BISC 220 Lab Reports v2...

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Summary Guidelines for BISC 220 Lab Reports – Spring 2010 This brief summary is provided for your convenience. You are responsible for the details given in the full document “Guidelines for BISC 220 Lab Reports.” The full document also explains how lab reports will be graded. Your lab reports should have 6 parts: 1. Title Should be concise, informative, and specific. 2. Introduction Give background for your work, use literature references to show what is already known. Describe your approach and purpose. What were your goals and hypotheses tested? 3. Methods Give information needed for another expert to repeat your work. Make sure your experimental design is clear. Do not present or discuss results. 4. Results Present your findings in the text or in graphs, tables, etc. Each figure or table should be appropriately labeled and have a legend that concisely summarizes the result.
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